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Thermal conductivity

VENTAFLEX® air duct

Outstanding insulation value - hardly any loss In this manner, with VENTAFLEX® you can distribute both heat and cold as required as well as efficiently and therefore in a very environmentally friendly manner.

Third party duct

  • high losses

Exsample transmisson thermal conductivity:

Diameter: DN500/600
Insulation: 50 mm
Area: 18,84 m²
Line length: 10 m
Temperature difference: 30 K

heat transfer coefficient:
Ventaflex 0,022 W/mK
folded spiral-seam pipe wool 0,038 W/mK
folded spiral-seam pipe Armaflex 0,040 W/mK

Heat loss = 
heat transfer coefficient x area x temperature difference

Material thickness
1Folded spiral-seam tube with closed-cell elastomer panel coating 453 W
Folded spiral-seam with insulating wool mat 430 W
VENTAFLEX Pipe system 249 W


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Allow yourself to be inspired: We regularly present to you practical reports from completed construction projects. And because every construction project encompasses new challenges, no two are the same. An ideal premise under which to clearly present to you the diversity and application spectrum of our system.

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A look behind the scenes at VENTAFLEX. The focus is on quality, leading-edge technology and processes, as well as motivation, principles and objectives. Feel free to take a look.

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With VENTAFLEX offers architects and planners an optimum and timely service. The generation of tenders and performance specifications can take place here quickly and with ease. All conventional file types (GAEB, DATANORM, ÖNORM, HTML, TEXT, XML) are available for you to download.

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