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LAVANTUS: Comparison to conventional duct for underground installation


Ducts, which are used for underground air conduction


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Advantages of LAVANTUS air ducts at a glance


Duct type used for air transportLAVANTUS air duct
highly insulated rigid foam
Concrete pipePlastic pipe
SpecificationSpecifically made for
underground air conduction
Originally for the transport
of waste water
Originally for the transport
of waste wate
Time saving at installation•••
fast and solid connection
of 3m ducts with LavantusGrip clamp

has to be put together custom-fitted
with heavy machinery
glued, welded, or put together
Weight saving•••••
Thermal protection•••
pre-insulated air duct


Prevention of condensate•••

Application in hygiene sensitive areas
e.g. food industry, swimming pools, laboratories,
retirement homes, rehabilitaion clinics

microbially inert surface

Staining/ surface•••
smooth and closed-pored

rough and open

Legend:     • = average     •• = good     ••• = excellent     – = not sufficient or not existent


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VENTAFLEX Calalog 2023

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