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Product range LAVANTUS

LAVANTUS underground installed air duct

Air duct for the underground installation. The LAVANTUS air duct is produced of one single material made of PUR rigid foam in a specially developed Rotafusion unit. Lengthy development work and over 35 years experience pay off in many ways: VENTAFLEX has been able to bring a revolutionary new product onto the market, which - needs-oriented to the underground installation – is also financially attractive in the acquisition.


Your advantages:

  • solid
  • reliably tight
  • pre-insulated
  • no condensate formation
  • no adhesion due to smooth surfaces
  • low weight
  • fast installation with LavantusGrip
  • big standard product range
  • customized special components


Nominal diameter:

200, 250, 300, 355, 400, 500, 600, 710, 800, 900, 1.000, 1,250

You find sizes, dimensions and all details of all our products in our downloads and in our complete catalog.

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VENTAFLEX catalog 2022

VENTAFLEX catalog 2022

All air duct products, technical details, supplies and installation instructions can be found in our general catalog.

Download pdf (17 MB)
Installation VENTAFLEX air duct round

Installation VENTAFLEX air duct round

  • Installation of VENTAFLEX air ducts with VENTASNAP and VENTAFIX
  • Glueing of VENTAFLEX air ducts
  • Installation of a compensator for the expansion compensation
Download pdf (742 KB)
Installation LAVANTUS air duct for underground

Installation LAVANTUS air duct for underground

  • Laying the air ducts
  • Length adjustment of air ducts

  • Installation LAVANTUS ring seal

  • Installation LavantusGrip

Download pdf (4 MB)


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