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Advantage: Hygiene-certified

Ideal for clean rooms – no chance for bacteria

In the food industry high standards are applied to the ventilation and air extraction, because the handling with food and packaging increases the demands for hygiene.
Also in the health sector sterility is a must – here only air ducts with clean room character should be used even in all public areas.


Arguments for VENTAFLEX air ducts in the hygiene sector

At a glance: Why VENTAFLEX air ducts are the best choice when it comes to air conduction in hygiene sensitive areas.

  • little deposit on special smooth GRP-surfaces
  • germ-resistant and easy to clean (inspection opening/ robot)
  • minimal condensate formation due to high insulation values
  • little care and maintanance effort
  • GRP-surfaces are resitant to cleaning agents


Application areas for VENTAFLEX air ducts in the hygiene sector

For over 35 years our air duct systems also have been used in many different large ventilation systems in which hygiene plays an especially important role, e.g.:
in the food industry

  • meat processing companies
  • bakeries
  • dairy plants
  • breweries and beverage producers 

as well as

  • hospitals, retirement homes and rehabilitation clinics
  • laboratories and research facilities
  • sports facilities and swimming pools


Download hygiene leaflet


Tested and passed

The Berlin institute for air hygiene encourages us with a certification


Download hygiene certificate straight duct


Download hygiene certificate curved duct


VENTAFLEX catalog 2022

VENTAFLEX catalog 2022

All air duct products, technical details, supplies and installation instructions can be found in our general catalog.

Download pdf (17 MB)
Installation VENTAFLEX air duct round

Installation VENTAFLEX air duct round

  • Installation of VENTAFLEX air ducts with VENTASNAP and VENTAFIX
  • Glueing of VENTAFLEX air ducts
  • Installation of a compensator for the expansion compensation
Download pdf (742 KB)
Installation LAVANTUS air duct for underground

Installation LAVANTUS air duct for underground

  • Laying the air ducts
  • Length adjustment of air ducts

  • Installation LAVANTUS ring seal

  • Installation LavantusGrip

Download pdf (4 MB)


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