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Ventilation systemswith clean room character

for the protection of sensitive hygiene areas

The VDI 6022 “Raumlufttechnik, Raumluftqualität – Hygieneanforderungen an raumlufttechni-sche Anlagen und Geräte (VDI-Lüftungsregeln)” apply to all air-handling systems. Theses have to be planned, carried out, operated and maintained so that they ensure a hygienic flawless quality of the supply air and take care of room air, which presents no health risks. This also includes the ventilation systems.

VENTAFLEX air ducts match and are certified for hygiene applications according to VDI 6022.

The VENTAFLEX air ducts have clean room character due to their material characteristics. The smooth surfaces avoid adhesion, are easier to clean and minimize the friction losses for a hygien-ic air flow.


Applications with special requirements to a clean air supply are made for example by:

  • health institutions like rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes, hospitals
  • educational institutions like schools, swimming pools, sports- and multi-purpose facilities
  • scientific institutions like laboratories and the chemical industry
  • industrial branches like food- and beverage companies as well as
  • meeting points for people such as museums and exhibition halls

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Project examples

Overall programme


VENTAFLEX® catalog 2020

VENTAFLEX® catalog 2020

All air duct products, technical details, supplies and installation instructions can be found in our general catalog.

Download pdf (8 MB)
Installation instruction VENTAFLEX air duct round

Installation instruction VENTAFLEX air duct round

• Montage von VENTAFLEX® Luftleitungen mit VENTASNAP und VENTAFIX
• Verkleben von VENTAFLEX® Luftleitungen
• Montage eines Kompensators für den Dehnungsausgleich

Download pdf (693 KB)
Installation instruction VENTAFLEX air duct for underground installation

Installation instruction VENTAFLEX air duct for underground installation

• Empfohlene Maße zu Installation
• Anwendung VentaSnap® + Klebung
• Längenanpassung der Luftleitungen
• Erstellung einer Mauerdurchführung
• Montage Mauerkragen

Download pdf (1 MB)


Chiron Group SE entschied sich beim Bau des neuen Werkes für die Luftführung mit dem VENTAFLEX® System.

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