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Renovation caseold building

Old building material with modern air-conditioning technology

Limited carrying capacity or insufficient space are great challenges when retrofitting existing buildings with modern air-handling systems. In short: Static, space, optics, preservation order requirements and performance play a big role when choosing the ventilation system.

New efficient systems: the combination does it!
When renovating not only the air-handling systems have to be renewed, but also the air ducts. An air-condition-technological system can only prove its performance in successful combination and the energy doesn’t get lost ‘on the way’  - by bad insulation or leakage. The VENTAFLEX sys-tem offers the ideal solution due to material (PUR-rigid foam) and supplies (VentaSnap).



Project example

Overall programme


VENTAFLEX® catalog 2020

VENTAFLEX® catalog 2020

All air duct products, technical details, supplies and installation instructions can be found in our general catalog.

Download pdf (8 MB)
Installation instruction VENTAFLEX air duct round

Installation instruction VENTAFLEX air duct round

• Montage von VENTAFLEX® Luftleitungen mit VENTASNAP und VENTAFIX
• Verkleben von VENTAFLEX® Luftleitungen
• Montage eines Kompensators für den Dehnungsausgleich

Download pdf (693 KB)
Installation instruction VENTAFLEX air duct for underground installation

Installation instruction VENTAFLEX air duct for underground installation

• Empfohlene Maße zu Installation
• Anwendung VentaSnap® + Klebung
• Längenanpassung der Luftleitungen
• Erstellung einer Mauerdurchführung
• Montage Mauerkragen

Download pdf (1 MB)


Chiron Group SE entschied sich beim Bau des neuen Werkes für die Luftführung mit dem VENTAFLEX® System.

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