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Convincing benefits

Find out more about the special advantages that make the VENTAFLEX® ventilation system so powerful, efficient and economical.

Air guidance in the hygiene sector

Ideal for clean rooms

No chance for bacteria

The food industry applies great standards on ventilation systems, because the handling of food and packaging puts increased requirements on hygiene.

The characteristics of our air ducts are particularly beneficial: They meet the highest hygienic standards due to their germ resistant surfaces and the prevention of condensate by extraordinary insulation. The products are easy to clean and resistant to cleaning agents because of the smooth and robust GRP-surface.

Our air duct systems have been installed in many other ventilation systems of large scale plants in which hygiene has played an important role for over 35 years, e.g. swimming pools, sport venues, senior homes, laboratories, research institutes.

The Berlin Institute for Air Hygiene confirms this with a certification.

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VENTAFLEX® catalog 2020

VENTAFLEX® catalog 2020

All air duct products, technical details, supplies and installation instructions can be found in our general catalog.

Download pdf (8 MB)
Installation instruction VENTAFLEX® air duct round

Installation instruction VENTAFLEX® air duct round

  • Installation of VENTAFLEX® air ducts with VENTASNAP and VENTAFIX
  • Glueing of VENTAFLEX® air ducts
  • Installation of a compensator for the expansion compensation
Download pdf (737 KB)
Installation instruction VENTAFLEX® air duct for underground installation

Installation instruction VENTAFLEX® air duct for underground installation

  •  Recommended measures for installation

  • Application VentaSnap + adhesion

  • Length adjustment of air ducts

  • Creation of a wall duct

  • Installation wall collar

Download pdf (2 MB)


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