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Thermal conductivity

VENTAFLEX® air duct

Outstanding insulation value - hardly any loss In this manner, with VENTAFLEX® you can distribute both heat and cold as required as well as efficiently and therefore in a very environmentally friendly manner.

Third party duct

  • high losses

Exsample transmisson thermal conductivity:

Diameter: DN500/600
Insulation: 50 mm
Area: 18,84 m²
Line length: 10 m
Temperature difference: 30 K

heat transfer coefficient:
Ventaflex 0,022 W/mK
folded spiral-seam pipe wool 0,038 W/mK
folded spiral-seam pipe Armaflex 0,040 W/mK

Heat loss = 
heat transfer coefficient x area x temperature difference

Material thickness
1Folded spiral-seam tube with closed-cell elastomer panel coating 453 W
Folded spiral-seam with insulating wool mat 430 W
VENTAFLEX Pipe system 249 W


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