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Energy-efficient air ducts supply factory hall with fresh air

The packaging specialist Multivac is stringently pursuing its sustainability strategy

Ventaflex Practice Report 60

1 x "Pizza grande": individually made, large in size and delivered promptly!

The company was looking for an air duct system that was compatible with existing ducts and the air handling unit, had hygienic surfaces and was quickly available. They found it: VENTAFLEX (Practice Report 60)

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A "Phoenix from the ashes": The new Hafencenter in Mülheim is open!

Pre-insulated air ducts accelerate reconstruction after major fire:

Large-dimension VENTAFLEX air ducts oval are used on the roof. (Practice Report 59)

Practice Report 58

During ongoing operation: Clinic renovation with latest standards

LAVANTUS underground installed air ducts supply clinic building with clean air (Practice Report 58)

New construction of a commercial large-scale plant for the production of insect protein in France

Well dimensioned air ducts for the ventilation of the rearing- and processing areas (Practice Report 57)

Expansion of a historic church to a concert hall

Underground installed air ducts for comfortably temperated air in the
event hall of the listed Liebfrauen church. (Practice Report 56)

Renovation in main sewage treatment plant

Reliable fresh air supply especially important: Renovation in Bremen’s
main sewage treatment plant. Modern, insulated air ducts replace
corroded spiral ducts. (Practice Report 55)

New construction of the clinic for children and adolescents

A good concept to get well. Insulated air ducts on the roof ensure
that a feel-good atmosphere emerges in the recreation areas.
(Practice Report 54)

Special hygiene for meat processing

Hygiene certified air ducts as well as operation customized supply- and
exhaust air boxes for a clean working environment. (Practice Report 53)

Roof installation for exhaust air usage

A greatly dimensioned air duct oval guides warm exhaust air for wood
drying back to the handling process. (Practice Report 52)

Sports hall of the new “Ramstein High School”

Specifically arranged T-pieces provide consistently distributed oxygen
into the great air space of the sports facility. (Practice Report 51)

School ventilation for a new high school building

“Think big” – new construction secondary school Dresden

Underground air ducts supply class rooms with fresh air and create
a quiet learning atmosphere. (Practice Report 50)

New construction of a big daycare center in Hünefeld

Underground air ducts supply 6 daycare groups with fresh air.
(Practice Report 49)

Renovation of the ventilation system for Essity

The production of toilet paper puts air ducts of conventional construction
under too much ‚steam‘ – a good alternative is asked for! (Practice Report 48)

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Chiron Groupe SE - most modern machine-tool factory in Europe

Clean air for factory and office building with a total volume of 24.400 m³/h. 
(Practice Report 47)

Restoration of a sports hall in Solingen

Sporting top-performance with up to 6 x 2.500 m³/h fresh supply air
volume. (Practice Report 46)

Reconstruction of the „Blomenburg“ to a private psychosomatic clinic

5230 m3/h air volume are reliably transported between the building parts. 
(Practice Report 45)

Production hall with cleanroom technology

Quality creates trust: VENTAFLEX® also equips extension building.
Proven technology for the transportation of 2 x 55,000 m3/h clean air
to the production of plastic components. (Practice Report 44)

Ventilation for an industrial bakery

Reliable exhaust air transport in 6 conduction strands – a total volume of
537,000 m3/h thermal- and odour contaminated air ends up safely in the
organic filter. (Practice Report 43)

Clean air for meat processing

Veld Koeltechniek and VENTAFLEX - Once again a cross-border cooperation.
(Practice Report 42)

Exhibition halls

Ventilation of the exhibition halls in Friedrichshafen. (Practice Report 41)

New building of a vocational college

Collaborative work when optimizing air guidance saves 1/3 of the
originally planned budget. (Practice Report 40)

New building of a slaughtery house

180.000 m³/h total air flow rate for optimal working conditions.
(Practice Report 39)

Hall roof with static challenge

Modernization of an ventilation system on an existing shed roof. Total air
volume >140.000 m³/h for an automotive supplier in south Germany.
(Practice Report 38)

New construction of a washing facility for large aircrafts

2 x 50.000 m³/h top performance for a clean result. (Practice Report 37)

Production hall with specific demands

Air supply for 6.000 m² production area. (Practice Report 36)

Factory cafeteria

Factory Cafeteria Extension: fresh Air for Employees. (Practice Report 35)

Arts and leisure center

Arts and leisure center Ludwigsfelde: Complex air duct in a confined
space. (Practice Report 34)

Beverage factory

Well defined process air for the complete process chain in a single Bottling plant.
(Practice Report 33)

Kristal Palm Beach

Kristal Palm Beach Nürnberg: Significant savings in the water Park.
Renovation of the ventilation system. (Practice Report 32)

Brick factory

Without risk of corrosion: VENTAFLEX® wet air chimney for a brick
factory. (Practice Report 31)

MAGIC MOUNTAIN - Climbing hall

"MAGIC MOUNTAIN Berlin": Air guidance from an air-conditioning system
installed outdoors, into the climbing hall. (Practice Report 30)

AVZ Research Center

AVZ Münster: Renewal of the ventilation system for the clean room of
a research center. (Practice Report 29)

Focke Museum

Focke Museum in Bremen: Aesthetics and technology in perfect harmony.
(Practice Report 28)

Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin

Exclusive air duct – Renewal of the ventilation system of the
Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin in the Netherlands. (Practice Report 27)

Darwineum - Elephant house

New construction of an elephant house in Rostock:
Air guidance under extreme conditions. (Practice Report 24)

Noblesse Proteins

Air duct system with underground, in- and outdoor installation for
the reliable outlet of contaminated air. (Practice Report 23)

Conference centre

Reconstruction of a church to a conference centre:
Optimum space-saving underground performance system for
the ventilation of several conference rooms. (Practice Report 22)

Pharmaceutical group

Pharmaceutical group Berlin: Renovation of ventilation system
Ventilation system for challenging statical requirements and air
volume up to 45.000 m³. (Practice Report 21)

St. Elisabeth-Hospital

Installation of an optimum space-saving supply and exhaust air system
below the base plate. Finely coordinated underground air supply through
five duct dimensions. (Practice Report 20)


Laboratory in Rülzheim: Ventilation system with visible installation
Volume flow: max. 20.000 m³/ h with flow velocity: approx. 6m/s and
connection to textile air hoses in the interior area. (Practice Report 19)

Cheese producer

Ventilation system in the duct dimension 920 mm, installation in the
interior and exterior of the production hall. (Practice Report 18)