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Servo Motor with Characteristic Line Correction

The flow resistance of round throttle valves and shut-off flaps is usually non-proportional to the opening angle of the flaps. Therefore, their characteristic line is non-linear. The company VENTAFLEX® in Horstmar solved this problem for the control engineering sector by altering the characteristic line of the servomotors and modifying the position signal. There is no need any longer for a programme that corrects the characteristic lines, and control stability has been improved by this measure. According to the vendor, the free cross-sections can be exactly determined at any time; the valve flaps demonstrate no tendency to jump.
The VENTAFLEX® system containing these flaps is based on air ducts with insulating polyurethane foam having a thermal conductivity of only 0.022 W/mk. According to the vendor, the pressure losses are also 10% lower in this particular system than in folded spiral-seam pipes. CCI 03/2007 Fachzeitung für Haus- und Gebäudetechnik (professional newspaper for house and building technology).


Innovative Airing Systems:

Practically oriented and cost saving

VENTAFLEX Airing Systems consist of polyurethane resilient foam, one of the most interesting materials of our time. The airing systems can be produced and supplied with various coatings according to their usage and the desired optical characteristics: CFC, high grade steel, aluminium or zinc-coated steel plate.

The VENTAFLEX Airing Systems offer a high degree of safety, both indoors and also out of doors, where there are higher requirements in terms of insulation and durability. They are completely up to date and meet the requirements for low noise and energy savings, and are easy to assemble.

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