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The VENTAFLEX catalog

Catalog 2023

Here you can download the current VENTAFLEX product catalog as a PDF.
Note: the documents offered for download here do not contain prices.
Please contact us to get the current VENTAFLEX product catalog including prices.

VENTAFLEX Calalog 2023

VENTAFLEX catalog 2024

All air duct products, technical details, supplies and installation instructions can be found in our general catalog.

Technical specifications

VENTAFLEX air ducts - numbers, data, facts for use

VENTAFLEX air duct round

For interior- and exterior installation, application in the hygiene sector
including installation instruction 

VENTAFLEX air duct oval

Particularly for great air volumes at low installation height
including installation instruction

VENTASQUARE air channel

For interior- and exterior installation
including installation instruction 

LAVANTUS air duct for underground installation

Pre-insulated air duct specially for underground installation
including installation instruction and supplies

[Translate to English:] Ventaflex im Hygienebereich

VENTAFLEX air duct in the hygiene sector

Certified for hygiene applications according to VDI 6022

VENTAFLEX Heat exchanger

Air-water heat exchanger for an efficient heat transmission