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VENTAFLEX® – Air guidance systems for industrial complexes and large buildings

VENTAFLEX® air guidance systems are ideal for the economical utilisation of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems in industrial complexes and large buildings.


You makethree-foldsavings!

1. Procurement

VENTAFLEX® air guidance systems are extremely economical, right from the point of procurement.

This leaves you with room to manoeuvre when it comes to your budget. We would be delighted to provide you with a quotation to compare with other insulated air duct systems familiar to you.

2. Installation

VENTAFLEX® air guidance ducts weigh almost 70% less than spiral seam tubes - and still exhibit optimum insulation values.

They require no special tools, and the VENTASNAP clamping system means that time-consuming adhesion is also superfluous in many areas above ground. All of this simplifies installation so that you save on time, personnel costs and - with underground installations - costs for heavy equipment.

3. Operating costs

Due to the above-average high insulation value of VENTAFLEX® ducts, you will experience almost no heat loss.

The direct practical comparison with a glass fibre-insulated spiral seam tube revealed a verifiable reduction in the energy consumption and therefore a cost saving of up to 40%.


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