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Specially for underground installation: LAVANTUS

We are proud to present a revolutionary new product, which is specifically focusing on the requirements of the special place of action: the LAVANTUS air duct for underground installation.

Lavantus erdverlegt patentiert


LAVANTUS is light

[Translate to English:] lavantus leichtgeweicht


LAVANTUS is solid

[Translate to English:] Laavantus stabil

Underground air conduction without any compromise

Buildings being supplied with fresh air through the ground has good reasons: underground ducts do not take any room in the building and are simply invisible. So far different ducts have been used, which have not been designed for this, working tolerably, but calling for many compromises in operation and handling.
An underground installed system has to work reliably, tight and has to stay clean – adjustments are almost impossible.
All these are good reasons to revolutionize the market for air ducts for underground installation: VENTAFLEX has found the perfect solution with LAVANTUS.



Characteristics of the LAVANTUS air duct for underground installation


  •  solid material for high weight loads (car traffic)
  • many duct diameters, even great dimensions
  • cost-efficient in the acquisition
  • tight, well thought out clamp system (LavantusGrip cuff)
  • great chemical resistance
  • hygienic due to smooth surfaces
  • low weight
  • fast installation



LAVANTUS: incomparably economic

With LAVANTUS we have created an air duct for the underground installation, which is specifically designed for the special requirements and which affects the cost structure of every construction project attractively. The cost saving is additionally sustainable: great energy efficiency supports the up-to-date economical operation of great dimensioned AC-systems.


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VENTAFLEX Calalog 2023

All air duct products, technical details, supplies and installation instructions can be found in our general catalog.

• Installation of VENTAFLEX air ducts with VENTASNAP and VENTAFIX
• Glueing of VENTAFLEX air ducts
• Installation of a compensator for the expansion compensation

• Laying the air ducts
• Length adjustment of air ducts
• Installation LAVANTUS ring seal
• Installation LavantusGrip