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Advantage: Weight

Ventaflex leight weight

Light material makes easy handling possible

VENTAFLEX air ducts are made of a core of polyurethane rigid foam and weigh significantly less than other conventional duct systems, which are used for the transport of air. Due to the weight saving many advantages result in transport, handling and installation. This way no heavy device must be used on the construction site to move the VENTAFLEX components to their place of action – this saves machine- and personnel deployment, therefore hard cash!


VENTAFLEX air ducts score at static limitations

Another benefit: Facades and roofs are loaded little by the light weight of the material. This is interesting for the renovation of existing building structure whose static often does not leave any room for post-installed systems. This way even, e.g. a protected shed roof would be able to be upgraded with modern ventilation technology, without having to change the sensitive architectural structures too much.




  • a duct with ᴓ 650 mm and 1m length only weighs about 11 Kg
  • easy transport – working without any heavy device is possible
  • fast installation – even in great heights or at facades
  • time saving due to uncomplicated handling
  • applicable if the building structure is not suitable for heavy loads; e.g. at limited load capacity of roof constructions


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VENTAFLEX Calalog 2023

All air duct products, technical details, supplies and installation instructions can be found in our general catalog.

• Installation of VENTAFLEX air ducts with VENTASNAP and VENTAFIX
• Glueing of VENTAFLEX air ducts
• Installation of a compensator for the expansion compensation

• Laying the air ducts
• Length adjustment of air ducts
• Installation LAVANTUS ring seal
• Installation LavantusGrip