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Experts for underground installed air ducts


Insulated air ducts for over 35 years

For over three decades VENTAFLEX air ducts have been successfully installed above- and underground. We have permanently been working on the optimisation of our good products, expanded our supplies system and met many challenges, for example customised special components.

Because of the successful construction projects with VENTAFLEX air ducts for underground installation we have collected valuable information in order to develop an air duct, which is designed to specifically meet the requirements of underground installation.


Construction of a secondary school in Dresden with noisy environment


Air ducts for underground installation supply class rooms with fresh air and creates a quite learning atmosphere: Due to the neighbouring highly frequented street a standard window ventilation was excluded

New construction of an elephant house in Rostock


Air duct system for the transport of air in tropical atmosphere – above – as well as underground

The Liebfrauen church becomes a concert hall, Wernigerode


Room-optimized, underground installed ventilation system for the ventilation and air extraction of the concert room in historical building structure

New construction of a vocational school in Hamburg


Pre-insulated air ducts for underground installation in record time thanks to ideal planning.
Mutual work at the optimisation of the air conduction saves 1/3 of the originally planned budget

Tightly scheduled new construction of a 6-group day care center in Hünfeld


Air ducts for underground installation supply 6 children’s groups with fresh air. Construction start beginning 2020, start of operation beginning 2021: VENTAFLEX is a reliable teamplayer for consistent timing

A hunting castle becomes a clinic, Schleswig-Holstein


Renovation of a listed building und reconstruction to a private psychosomatic clinic, among other things by pre-insulated air ducts for underground installation in the outdoor area

Erdverlegte Luftleitungen für Krankenhaus in Leipzig


Underground air suppy by five duct dimensions for a turnable ventilation of different areas with a total air volume of 8820 m³/h

Clinic refurbishment to the latest technical standards


Pragmatic solutions that are uncomplicated to use were prioritised here because clinical operations could not be restricted.



After a planned six-year refurbishment, the Recklinghausen district hall will be a new-generation administrative location

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Completely manufactured at VENTAFLEX

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The packaging specialist Multivac is stringently pursuing its sustainability strategy

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A brief review of an exciting year!

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VENTAFLEX Calalog 2023

All air duct products, technical details, supplies and installation instructions can be found in our general catalog.

• Installation of VENTAFLEX air ducts with VENTASNAP and VENTAFIX
• Glueing of VENTAFLEX air ducts
• Installation of a compensator for the expansion compensation

• Laying the air ducts
• Length adjustment of air ducts
• Installation LAVANTUS ring seal
• Installation LavantusGrip