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Installation instruction

You can download the current installation instructions as a PDF file here.

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Installation VENTAFLEX air duct round

• Installation of VENTAFLEX air ducts with VENTASNAP and VENTAFIX
• Glueing of VENTAFLEX air ducts
• Installation of a compensator for the expansion compensation

VENTAFLEX air duct oval

• Adhesive bonding and screwing of VENTAFLEX air ducts oval

Roof duct round

Application area: everywhere where air ducts are led through roofs and brickwork.

Transition to rectangular ductwork

Installation of a tight connection between VENTAFLEX® air duct or LAVANTUS air duct for underground installation and rectangular ductwork

Transition to other duct systems

The VENTAFLEX air duct or LAVANTUS air duct for underground installation are easily connected with ducts (e.g. spiral duct) of other producers

Installation LAVANTUS air duct for underground

• Laying the air ducts
• Length adjustment of air ducts
• Installation LAVANTUS ring seal
• Installation LavantusGrip

LAVANTUS wall collar

Making of a wall duct

LAVANTUS ring seal

The ring seal is a clean solution for the duct of LAVANTUS air ducts to go through brickwork, walls and concrete slabs

Installation LAVANTUS to ventilation tower

There are many different possibilities to connect an air duct to ventilation towers. This exemplary illustration shows the installation of the LAVANTUS air duct to a ventilation tower.