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Energy-efficient air ducts supply factory hall with fresh air

The packaging specialist Multivac is stringently pursuing its sustainability strategy

7.500 m2 of new production space is built at the Allgäu headquarters from packaging specialist Multivac


For more than 60 years MULTIVAC has been one of the leading manufacturers of packaging technology, which is used worldwide in the food industry, for medical and pharmaceutical products, as well as for consumer and industrial goods of all kinds. The topic of packaging has been the subject of heated political debate for some time now - the focus is on environmentally friendly solutions. At Multivac, the sustainability strategy begins with the manufacture of the special machines that package a wide variety of goods - by using resources as sparingly as possible. For example, a new "slicer" production hall was built in Wolfertschwenden with a focus on the greatest possible energy efficiency for ongoing operations. In order to ensure clean ventilation of the working environment in a cost- and resource-saving manner, the most efficient duct system currently available on the market was chosen: VENTAFLEX.

VENTAFLEX -solution

VENTAFLEX air ducts in ø 1090 are supplied as assemblies, as well as various special components in 45° and 90° curves - pre-assembled duct inspection cover facilitates proper maintenance - hygienic advantages of Ventaflex products in accordance with VDI 6022 make easy cleaning possible - the reliable tightness of the VENTAFLEX air ducts according to ATC2 ensures energy efficiency

Advantages due to the VENTAFLEX system

  • Savings in operating costs – up to 40 % less energy loss, up to 10 % less pressure loss and up to 99 % less leakage loss 
  • Certified hygiene conformity of the ducts in accordance with VDI 6022 
  • Transport of particularly large air volumes – thanks to large cross-sections 
  • Up to 70 % lower weight – advantages during transport, handling and installation Special weather resistance thanks to GRP material

Practice Report 61