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LAVANTUS underground air ducts provide fresh air in a spacious building

After a planned six-year refurbishment, the Recklinghausen district hall will be a new-generation administrative location


A major challenge after the foundation stone was laid almost 50 years ago: The Recklinghausen district hall will be extensively renovated and extended from 2023. Sustainability is a top priority in the planning, with a well thought-out usage concept for internal and external visitors, an energy-efficient overhaul of the building fabric in line with current specifications and a systematic replacement of the entire building services. In the process, building materials contaminated with harmful substances and hazardous to health will be removed from the building and replaced with contemporary materials. The renewal of the ventilation system was therefore not only intended to be as effective and hygienic as possible. It was also important to use a recyclable product with a view to the distant future. A commitment to VENTAFLEX! In every respect, the pure, highly insulated LAVANTUS air ducts fitted the requirements profile perfectly.

VENTAFLEX -solution

  • LAVANTUS underground air ducts:
  • total length 20 m ø 800 cm
  • LavantusGrip-cuffs
  • Curves 45°
  • 2 ring seals for conduit from outdoor to indoor area

Advantages due to the VENTAFLEX system

  • Savings in operating costs – up to 40 % less energy loss, up to 10 % less pressure loss and up to 99 % less leakage loss 
  • Certified hygiene conformity of the ducts in accordance with VDI 6022
  • Transport of particularly large air volumes – thanks to large cross-sections 
  • Up to 70 % lower weight – advantages during transport, handling and installation 
  • Tested technology – handling and installation are self explanatory


Practice Report 62