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A brief review of an exciting year!


Our concept of regionality was confirmed again this year
Coordination, production and finishing take place at the company headquarters in Altenberge, Westphalia, while production materials are purchased in Germany. Short supply chains not only strengthen national trade, but also conserve resources and save time. The fact that VENTAFLEX products are in demand internationally is a positive development: in 2023, we supplied air ducting systems far beyond Europe's borders.

Pioneering large-scale project VENTAFLEX air ducts are an important part of a revolutionary concept: The French biotech company Agronutris produces protein-rich animal feed and uses 70,000 tons of organic waste from insects every year. Volker Stumpf, owner of VENTAFLEX, was on site with the client, investor and representative of the installation company carrying out the work.
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Passed the test: LAVANTUS underground air duct
Inventing new technologies and bringing them to market maturity: It takes courage, expertise and perseverance. LAVANTUS has been successfully used in various projects in 2023, a wonderful confirmation for the VENTAFLEX team to continue developing innovative solutions for air transportation.
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Team VENTAFLEX has grown!
The good cooperation at VENTAFLEX is reflected in every product that leaves our production halls and in every clean project process. Our "newcomers" this year have immediately felt at home and found their place in the team. Thank you very much for your commitment, your thinking and your passion for what you do!

Time always brings something new – we keep moving!
VENTAFLEX has secured a firm place in the industry with its high-quality products. No reason for us to "lean back". Even if one or two ideas could not be implemented in 2023 and had to be rethought, we are convinced that we are on the right track and will continue to develop ourselves and our products. We are delighted that you will continue to accompany us on this journey.

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